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All owners have the right to attend and speak at annual and monthly Board meetings, except in the case of executive sessions.  The Member Forum is devoted to comments by owners.  Except in emergencies, no action may be taken upon a matter raised until the matter itself has been specifically included as an agenda item for action.

The Board welcomes all comments, questions and concerns from the CCRHOA members.  Any owner wishing to bring business before the Board should, unless it is very simple, present the Board with a written statement via email below or mail to:  

CCRHOA  PO Box 1881  Sylva, NC 28779

To include the following items:

  1. Clear statement of the problem or concern - Who, what, when and why.

  2. Why the problem or issue must be addressed and/or solved.  The owner must present the Board with facts and other data on the need for solving the issue.

  3. Causes of the problem and please be specific.

  4. Possible solution.  How does the owner want the Board to respond

Also, you may email the board at or use the email form below.

Thanks! Message sent.


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