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CCRHOA Crime Watch

If you believe there is a crime in progress call 911.

Report SUSPICIOUS activities to your CCRHOA COMMUNITY WATCH representative:  George Durden 813-817-7318

Following is a list of items to keep in mind when reporting a crime or suspicious activity:

Describe a vehicle:  •Color   •Year   •Make   •Body Type (sedan, two-door, convertible, station wagon, etc.)   •License number and state   •Identifying marks (specialty attachments, dents, damage, etc.)

Describe a Suspect:   •Sex   •Race   •Complexion   •Age   •Height  •Weight   •Build (large, small, stocky, slender, tattoos, eyeglasses, scars, etc)    •Hair (color, thick, thin, balding, mustaches or beard)    •Clothing (color, type, style)    •Direction of travel (in or out of community)

Incident Reports
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