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Our Roads

Road maintenance is one of the highest priorities of any mountain HOA and we take great pride in having some of the best roads in the area. Not only are they well-maintained, but they are wide roads with many pull-offs when there is not enough room for two cars to pass.
Road Grading.  To make sure our roads are the best in the area, the Association has a professional company grade the roads with the proper crown, and clean and maintain the ditches on the sides of the roads to help remove water and prevent erosion. HOAs that don’t have road maintenance on their priority list will someday not have roads to drive on. And, if well constructed and maintained, a gravel road is an all-weather road!
Our roads are private, so resident-owned all-terrain utility vehicles are allowed and many find them to be great ways to run around the neighborhood and also explore the many off-road trails in the area.
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